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Intelligent Machines and FX Trading

Many commentators and research analysts believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to transform the foreign trade, for example; by reducing the cost of numerous processes throughout the trade lifecycle. Spending on AI is expected to substantially increase over the next five years with much of the investment being focused on Machine Learning and Cognitive analytics.This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Innovative Ways to Onboard a New Customer: How European FIs Are Building Delightful Banking Experiences

A study of 22 banks (institutions + digital-only) across APAC, Europe, and the Middle East analyzing digital onboarding methods &eKYC techniques for opening bank accounts found that OTPs and selfies were the most prevalent modern identity verification methods for digital onboarding among those banks.This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Fintech in the banking environment

The emergence and development of innovative and flexible financial startups is causing a revolution in financial markets by proving that financial services can be built from the ground up, in response to real user needs. So much so that gaining customers’ trust, along with their investment, is now not the sole concern of banks, but also the aim of these versatile and highly-focused startups.This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Make Marketers Even Smarter In 2018

Each of us has a comfort level with things that we know and understand. That’s why artificial intelligence scares us so much. It’s new and unfamiliar. Knowing that someone out in cyberspace learned something about the items we need and the services that we buy makes our palms sweat and our hearts race with fear and trepidation.

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Bitcoin’s impact on fintech organizations won’t beat AI, survey says

When it comes to the innovations in finance that will impact the way future organizations are run, artificial intelligence and machine learning is likely to have a larger effect than bitcoin or cryptocurrency, a survey from investor communications company Mediant found.

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Why cardless ATMs are the next big thing

The banking industry is on the edge of another fintech revolution. Cardless ATMs are about to go mainstream. And while the idea of cardless ATMs may not seem as exciting as say, sending a person to the moon, it is still a major shift that will have a big impact on the banking industry.

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MasterCard targets millennial clients with digital money management service

MasterCard has become the latest financial company to look at integrating digital budgeting tools with financial products in an effort to appeal to the millennial market.This news is provided by the Innovation Center of Intesa Sanpaolo.

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Most cryptocurrency investors see it as the currency of the future

Just over the half of the cryptocurrency investors believe that it will be integrated into the everyday economy in the coming years. According to a recent survey by blockchain Waves, 51% of cryptocurrency investors across the world believe this

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