O-Key Token

Your key to internet banking

Available on:
Physical token device
ALEXBANK O-Key mobile application

Secure hardware and mobile tokens bring you security and peace of mind when banking online

Physical or virtual token? You choose. Both solutions enable you to authorise your internet banking transactions via a strong, secure authentication process. The hardware token is a physical device provided by the bank, whereas the mobile token is better known as the ALEXBANK O-Key mobile application. The app is available for Android and iOS devices to generate one-time passwords for use in internet banking.

Here you can learn more about the extra features of the mobile application.


Discover the key features of the mobile token

  • Built-in convenience

    If you don’t want to worry about where you put your physical token device the last time, use the mobile application to authorise your internet banking transactions. Your phone is always with you. And now, so is your virtual O-Key Token.

  • Safe and secure

    The mobile application offers added security when generating one-time passwords. Your financial data is protected by numerous security features, such as online token activation, secure and user-defined PIN to generate one-time passwords, lock-out after 3 consecutive PIN errors, randomised onscreen keyboard for safer PIN insertion and automatic shutdown when the app is not actively used.

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  • Added extras

    The mobile application offers a range of built-in extra features. View the contact details of the bank easily and call or email our customer service with one tap. Check out our latest promotional offers and always find your nearest ALEXBANK branch or ATM with the help of the handy Branch and ATM locator.

Security starting from the first use

After downloading the ALEXBANK O-Key mobile app you need to register it by entering your registration code received via SMS and by setting up your personal PIN for future logins. Once you have activated the app, your user profile is automatically loaded on the prelogin screen, and you only need to insert your PIN to start generating one-time passwords.


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Banking made easy.

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